About Big Bang Marketing

We are a Marketing Group, focused on delivering Marketing-related services.

Our Vision

To be your 1-Stop Marketing Partner for our clients.

Our Competitive Advantages

#1. Cross-selling

For example, Client A may approach us for our Web Design service. Throughout our whole interaction with Client A, from sales to completion of project (& also after), we will promote awareness of our other marketing services. Objective is to become Client A’s marketing partner. By providing quality Web Design service, in addition to Competitive Advantages #2 & #3 below, Client A will gladly engage us for all their marketing needs. As a result, we monopolise Client A’s full marketing budget.

#2. Quality Assurance

We aim to provide all marketing services in-house, with our own talent & staff. Therefore, we are able to better control service quality.

#3. Price Assurance

We aim to be competitive in our pricing. We are able to achieve this because we provide everything in-house. We do not need to outsource and mark up our pricing in order to earn a profit. In addition, we also offer package pricings when we cross-sell.

How to Invest in Our Group?

By purchasing our Group’s:

How We Use Your Funding?

We venture into new marketing expertises by investing in manpower, talent and equipment.
We also invest into upgrading our existing marketing capabilities.